The whiteboard contains tools for displaying and annotating slides, images, videos and screencasts. The whiteboard toolbar is visible only to Presenters.

Clear / Whiteboard Size

The clear button has two parts — a push button on the left, and a size dropdown on the right.

Click the left side of the clear button once to remove annotations from the whiteboard. Click a second time to clear the background image.

Click the down arrow on the right side of the clear button to display a size menu. Selecting one of the sizes will resize the whiteboard in addition to clearing the background image and all annotations.

The size of the whiteboard affects how PowerPoint uplaods are processed. For instance, if you size the whiteboard to 800×600 then upload a PowerPoint, all of the processed slides will be 800×600 — the size of the whiteboard at the time of upload.

Undo / Redo

The Undo and Redo buttons also have two parts — a push button on the left, and a drop down on the right. Clicking the left side will undo or redo the most recent whiteboard operation. The right side will open a drop down showing all of the whitboard operations for selective undo/redo.

In the picture above,the Undo menu shows 5 different operations that may be selectively undone. Operations are displayed with an icon showing the drawing tool, the color of the annotation, and the name of the presenter who created the annotation. In the case of the text tool, the actual text is displayed in the menu instead of the name of the person who wrote it.

Drawing Tool

Click the Drawing Tool menu to choose which tool will be used for drawing. The Laser Tool does not actually mark the whiteboard — it is a shared cursor that the presenter can move to indicate a certain spot on the current whiteboard image.

All of the tools except the checkmark and laser require a click and drag operation. The initial click sets the base position, and the drag sizes the annotation.

In the case of the text tool, the click/drag positions and sizes the text input window.

Color Palette

Click the Color Palette button to choose the color for annotations.

Line Thickness

Click the Line Thickness button to set the line size for drawing operations, or the font size for the text tool.

Open File

Click the Open File button to upload a new Presentation or image, or to select a previously uploaded presentation or image. Previously uploaded files may be deleted by clicking on the red X beside the file. A maximum of 10 uploaded files will be stored on the server. Uploading additional files will cause the oldest file to be automatically removed. Presention files (ppt, pptx, odp, pdf) are limited to 25 megabytes. Single image files are limited to 256 kilobytes.

The slide dimensions for uploaded presentations are determined by the whiteboard size at the time the presentation is uploaded. For example, to make slides 1024×768, click on the Whiteboard Size menu (left most button on toolbar) and set the whiteboard size to 1024×768 prior to uploading the PowerPoint file.

Once a Presentation has been uploaded or selected, the Slide Number window appears allowing the presenter to change slides:

See the powerpoint topic for more information.


In addition to slides, it is also possible to show movies in the whiteboard area. Click on the YouTube button and a window opens for entering a video ID or URL. Enter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0 to play Gangnam Style for your audience. Or simply enter the video ID portion: 9bZkp7q19f0.

To stop playback of a YouTube video, click the Clear button on the toolbar. Playback of videos is not synchronized between attendees. If a presenter seeks or stops his own video playback, it will not affect others in the room. If a video is already in progress when a new person joins the meeting, they will begin viewing the video from the start.

Snapshot / Screencasting

Click the Snapshot button to open the screencasting tool. This tool allows you to take a still image or moving picture of part of your screen and automatically upload that picture to the whitebord. The Snapshot button will only appear on systems where Java 7+ is installed and Java Applets are enabled in your browser. Verify Java.


Click the Recording button to start and stop recording. See the recording topic for more information.


Click the Settings button to open the room control panel. The settings button only appears to Administrators.