To start a new recording, a Presenter clicks the recording button on the whiteboard toolbar:

Once clicked, the recording button changes color to show that recording is active:

A notification also appears in the text chat window to notify other presenters that recording has been turned on:

While recording is active, all audio, webcam video, screencast video, public text messages, slides, whiteboard annotations and YouTube videos are saved on the server.

To stop recording, click the Recording button on the whiteboard toolbar again. A text message will appear to all presenters indicating that recording has ended. After a brief delay, links will appear to view or download the recording. The view and download links remain valid for 30 days. In case a recording was not downloaded upon completion, the download link may be found on the Audit tab of the Room Control Panel. Room Administrators have control panel access.

Download Recording

Click the download link, and your browser will prompt you to save the recording zip file:

Extract Recording

Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract it to a folder in order to play the recording. To extract a zip file on Windows:

  1. open windows explorer on your downloads folder
  2. right click the zip file
  3. select Extract All...

You will then be presented with a new folder containing the recording files:

Now that the files are extracted, double click the index.html file to open it in your browser. The latest desktop version of Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers are able to play iVocalize recordings.

If you attempt to open index.html without first extracting the zip file, you will see an error message:

This recording cannot be played while compressed in a zip file.

Extract the zip file, then open index.html in your browser.

When downloading a file our habit is to click on the file to open it from the browser’s download bar. In the case of Windows, this method does not extract the files from the zip, so index.html does not have the information that it needs. Therefore, you must extract the zip file first, and only then attempt to open index.html. On Mac OS X, clicking a zip file automatically extracts it to a folder.

Once the recorded archive has been extracted, you may view the recording locally, or upload the entire folder to your website for online viewing.

Recording Control

The recording feature is controlled exclusively by presenters. The presenter determines when a recording begins and ends, and there is a single recording made which can be downloaded by everyone. The view and download links are shown only to Presenters. Any presnter may copy the links to the group text chat to share with everyone in the room. The online presentation also contains a link to download the zip file. Once a recording has been completed, the files will remain available for 30 days before the recording is automatically deleted.

Recordings are automatically terminated when there are no presenters in the room, therefore, presenters should end recording prior to signing out. Recordings end automatically after 120 minutes. Meetings longer than 120 minutes may be recorded in segments. Keep recording segments to 60 minutes or less for optimal online viewing.

Converting Files

The recording stores audio and video in WebM files. Many free and commercial tools exist for media file conversion, however, iVocalize uses a recent update to the WebM specification and most tools have not yet been updated with the required changes.

We offer a simple Windows program to extract the audio portion of our WebM files and convert it to MP3 format.