powerpoint presentations

Showing PowerPoint and OpenDocument presentations is easy.

Log into your room as a Presenter or above, and click the Open File button on the whiteboard toolbar:

A drop-down appears where you can upload a new file, or select a previously uploaded presentation:

When you select a new file for upload, a progress bar will appear as the file is uploaded to the server:

Following upload there will be a brief processing delay while the presentation file is converted into slides. When the first slide is ready a slide number control will appear on the toolbar:

The process of converting presentation files into slides is not always perfect and sometimes slides will have an incorrect layout. If the slides from your presentation do not appear correctly, the solution is to edit the layout of your presentation using LibreOffice then re-upload the modified presentation. LibreOffice is a free Microsoft Office compatible productivity suite. Slides that appear correctly inside of LibreOffice will also appear correctly when uploaded to the conference room.

Presentation file uploads are limited to 25 Megabytes each. A maximum of 10 uploaded files will be stored on the server. Uploading additional files will automatically remove the oldest uploaded file. You may click the red X beside any upload to delete it from the server. Hovering your mouse pointer over a file in the uploads list will display a tooltip showing when the file was uploaded. Files are listed with the most recent upload at the top.