Where is the control panel?
The control panel is built into the room and is accessible to Administrators via a Settings button on the whiteboard toolbar. For more information, see the control panel topic.
I signed up for a new version 6 room. Where is my password?
You choose your own password when you sign in for the first time. Visit your room login page and click the Members button (not Guests) to sign in. When prompted for an email address, enter the one that you used to sign up for service. You will then choose a password known only to you.
How is version 6 different from the old version?
Version 6 runs in the browser, while the old version runs under Java. Because the application runs in the browser, it is not necessary for guests to download any software or plugins.
What browsers and platforms are supported?
Chrome, Firefox and Safari. See the system requirements topic.
Does it run on iPad?
Yes. See the system requirements topic for details.
Does it run on Android?
Yes, it does. See the system requirements
What is Persona? Why Persona?
Persona is a Single Sign On solution created by Mozilla. Persona lets you create a single account based on your email address, and use that account to sign into many different websites, similar to Facebook Connect. We chose Persona because it offers all the convenience of Single Sign On, but without the social network. Persona uses only your email address, and does not share any other information about you.
How do I make a recording?
There is one recording for the room, controlled by the presenter(s). The presenter(s) may share the recording by posting it to a website, etc. For more information, see the recording topic.