control panel

The control panel is built into the conference room and is available to the room owner and administrators.

Initially just the room Owner will have control panel access. She may then configure additional Administrators who will also have control panel access.

To access your control panel:

  1. Enter a screen name on the login form
  2. Click the sign-in button
  3. When asked for an email, use the Account Manager email that you signed up for service with

Once you are signed in as an Administrator, click the Settings button on the whiteboard toolbar:


The Home section of the room control panel shows basic information about the room like room size and expiration.


The settings section of the control panel contains various configuration options, each of which has a help bubble for more information.


The Users section allows you to change the privilege level of users, block users, or add new users.

For example, to assign a new Administrator who can access the control panel, click on a User name and change the Role to Administrator, Moderator, Presenter, etc.


The logins section contains a history of entries into the room. Click an individual login record for blocking options.